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Customer Endorsement

Ed & Betty,

Just wanted to write you a note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new trailer, "The Breeze". It is surely properly named as it is a total "breeze" to pull, load, and maintain. As you know, I did a lot of research on trailers. I looked at all the aspects from price to performance, from features to dependability, from aerodynamics to safety. The fact that we could get it "color matched" to our bike was important. And I mean, it matched perfectly. After all of the research, "The Breeze" kept coming up on top.

After we left you in Myrtle Beach the middle of May, we came all the way home to Tennessee in one day. (445 miles) That is not a record for riding a motorcycle in one day, but it was outstanding for me since I had never pulled a trailer behind my bike. All the way home, I had to check my mirrors and remember that I was pulling a trailer. It pulled so good, and the wind we encountered had little effect on pulling the trailer. I was truly amazed.

In June, we packed, and I mean packed the trailer and headed for New England. We were amazed at how much we could pack into the trailer and the great carrying capacity made it very easy to take all the things we wanted to pack. Of course, you always pack more than you need, but it was great to have the capacity to do so.

We traveled all over New England and even to Portland, Maine. We were gone 2 weeks and traveled a total of 3,325 miles by the time we returned home. We thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of the trailer and the magnificent way it pulled and handled even though we were close to the maximum weight limit.

We have more than 4,000 miles on the trailer in this short time and have not had a minutes trouble out of it. The "Breeze" is everything you said it is and we are thoroughly satisfied and highly recommend the "Breeze" to everyone who is interested in a trailer.

Thanks again for a great product!!!

Henry C. Rotters